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Inspiring leaders to act on developing the North American society

Educating the youth of tomorrow of their social responsibilities towards humanity

Building an Islamic Identity in North America

About Us

Young Muslim Services (YMS) is a North American organization dedicated to creating an environment where all youth can live fulfilling and meaningful lives within our society while staying true to their own beliefs. We empower them by providing a platform for each to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment. We allow them to build their own identity through self-reflection. We give them the opportunity to chase their dreams and passions through goal setting. We encourage them to take responsibility and engage in volunteer opportunities to benefit all of North American society. We believe that is only in the act of giving selflessly that we can create an inclusive society in North America for all to call home.

Leadership Retreat

The Young Muslim Service (YMS) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Annual Youth Leadership Retreat for Muslims ages 18 to 25. The 4-day retreat looks to initiate the participants on a Journey to Change to increase their self-awareness, prepare them to achieve their goals, and broaden their circle of influence. These outcomes will Insha’Allah be achieved by the various workshops, activities, and the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that participants will have the opportunity to be part of.


Young Muslim ServiceMalikah Ebrahim
Leadership Retreat 2015
At the retreat, we were stimulated to think further about our goals and actually create the blueprint to accomplish them.