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Who We Are & What We're About

Young Muslim Service

Young Muslim Services (YMS) is a North American organization dedicated to creating an environment where all youth can live fulfilling and meaningful lives within our society while staying true to their own beliefs. We empower them by providing a platform for each to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment. We allow them to build their own identity through self-reflection. We give them the opportunity to chase their dreams and passions through goal setting. We encourage them to take responsibility and engage in volunteer opportunities to benefit all of North American society. We believe that is only in the act of giving selflessly that we can create an inclusive society in North America for all to call home.

We foster educational growth and leadership through various retreats, targeting individuals who aspire to bring change in their lives and help influence other youth, positively, in order to nurture leaders of tomorrow. YMS has been holding their annual Leadership Retreat since 2009, where muslim youth come for inspiration, skills and network to then lead meaningful lives as North American Muslims.

Guiding Principles

Islam: Our beliefs are the foundations of everything we do and should be carried with honor as we go through life.

Speak in the ā€œIā€: This guiding principle encourages the individual to take responsibility and ownership upon his/her own ideas and opinions.

Active listening: Encourages a focused discussion and facilitates the exchange of ideas.

Responsible for your own learning: It is by engaging fully in discussions and taking risks that learning happens and that is the responsibility of each individual.

Respect: Defines how we are expected to treat others, our environment and ourselves based on our innate sense of morality.

Open minded: Calls upon the interpersonal intelligence that requires an open mind to opinions and ideas of other. Enable learning from multiple points of view.